Peter Insull a Worthy Award Winner

Peter Insull

The Richard Earp Award is an annual prize presented by the Large Yacht Brokers  Association (LYBRA) and MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association, as a tribute to Richard Earp’s gentlemanly conduct and integrity in dealing with colleagues and clients.

This years worthy winner was Peter Insull and recognises his significant contribution to the superyacht industry and ethical behaviour over many years He received his award during a ceremony held in Barcelona during The Superyacht Show held at Marina Port Vell.

Nominees are judged on transparency, fair and ethical behaviour, charisma and style. In addition, nominees must be well respected in the industry, have longevity and still be active in the market.

Peter Insull began his yachting career as a steward on board M.Y Hedonist and set up Peter Insull Yacht Marketing in the 1970s.

Through his crew agency and through his work as a yacht broker, Peter has been involved with every single aspect of the superyacht sector and is known by all within the superyacht community.

Jonathan Beckett, President of LYBRA commented that “Peter is greatly admired and highly respected by all those who have the good fortune to work with him whether as a client or as a fellow broker”, and Gaye Joyeau-Bourgeois, President of MYBA handed over the award.

The International Superyacht Society is an Official Partner of The Richard Earp Award 2018 and Norma Trease was in attendance to congratulate Peter Insull on behalf of Captain AJ Anderson, the current President.

Nathalie Earp, Richard’s daughter, and his grandson were also in attendance to mark the special occasion.

The award itself is literally a work of art; a beautiful, timeless sculpture called “Ocean’s 9” created by artist Carol Bruton and generously offered by both LYBRA and MYBA jointly. Light moves across the sculpture, mimicking the ever-changing patterns in the ocean.