Mind the Gap


For the last seven years Steve Monk the CEO of Da Gama Maritime has been lobbying the UK Hydrographic Office demanding that they improve chart coverage in one of the areas most frequented by superyachts cruising the Cot d Azure.

Finally the penny has dropped and the gap in more usable scale of paper charts around the route between Antibes and Toulon has just been closed. 

Steve Monk commented, “We may not be able to claim full credit for closing the annoying gap but we’ve certainly been requesting it for long enough.”

The images show the old coverage (above) and the new cover with an additional new chart (Below).

Vessels operating in this area on paper charts should contact their navigation support company for a copy of the new edition BA 2166 and new chart 3166.


Yachts who sign to the DaGama Maritime full navigation management package are assigned an account manager who will demonstrate to you why we have achieved ISO9001 certification in this area.

With space on board usually at a premium, they can store your unwanted chart folios in their fully insured premises then bring charts back up-to-date prior to returning them to the yacht as it swaps operational area.

Offering two levels of management there’s a range of support DaGama Maritime provides:

A full Outfit Management Service which:

  • Constantly monitors the status of yachts navigation needs providing weekly updates to services and support.
  • Offers 24/7 support in the provision of orders, electronic licenses and general enquiries.
  • Offers an account manager to visit the vessel and audit the outfit, offer guidance in its maintainence and update any software where necessary.
  • Automatically adds to new orders for publications and charts in the area of operation.
  • Alerts to new edition charts and publications.
  • Allows On-line access to your own account for placing orders and reviewing previous invoices.
  • Offers access to a wider range of services and stores once logged into the account including firefighting equipment.
  • Reduces courier fees for the dispatch of stores to the vessel.
  • Offers access to paper chart corrections (via the Vasco App).
  • Provides free storage of ‘sleeping’ chart folios in insured premises.
  • Offers the option to hire ‘loan’ folio for cover between Germany and Gibraltar thus saving new builds having to purchase these rarely required charts
  • and publications.
  • Fleet manager access to all their vessel accounts for review and monitoring.

General public access offers

  • Available to individuals or vessels for the one-off purchase of stores or other products from our public catalogue.
  • Providing yachts with access to an on-line catalogue of stores for the supply of ADMIRALTY products, both paper and electronic.
  • Free shipping within the UK (for orders over £100).
  • Support from in house team in determining the best products for your needs in respect to navigation safety.
  • A free trial of the ADMIRALTY Digital Products and e-NP’s.