Lord Sugar Superyacht Visits London

Lady A

Famous for his rudeness about the crew on an earlier superyacht he owned, Lord Sugar then Sir Alan Sugar vowed at the time he would never own a superyacht again.

Time moves on and now it seems that the self-made millionaire has had a change of heart.

He is now the owner of Lady A a yacht built to the interior and exterior designs of Jon Bannenberg and she has recently been seen in London moored downstream of Tower Bridge

When he was the owner of his previous yacht he wrote:  It does not matter how much money you have.  Owning a yacht is the wrong thing to do

He went on to write: I have to say I never enjoyed my trips. All I got was a load of grief from the crew about this or that machine that did not work and how, if we had this new instrument, life would be so good and why all the air conditioning needs to be overhauled next year and, by the way, would you mind if the crew had a new Bang and Olufsen as they work so hard sitting on their arses week after week when you are not on board.

He quoted farewell speeches that his various captains used to give him giving this as an example

‘Well Sir Alan, sorry about the main owner’s cabin alarm going off every night without notice. I know we have been sitting around all winter doing sod all and the boat should be working perfectly but it’s just one of those things, you know. By the way, have you had time to think about the increase in crew pay and do you think we need another staff car, how about medical insurance for Flossy in the galley and do you have any idea where we are going in the winter. I would like to know so that I can book my holiday. I’ll dump the boat in the shipyard – you get ripped off for a million or two whilst I am out on the piss spending all the commission I have amassed over the year from the grateful vendors you have so gracefully spent a fortune with.’

I wonder what Lord Sugar thinks about his crew who serve aboard Lady A.