MYBA Appoints New Directors

MYBA Board

The MYBA Annual General Assembly (AGM) held in the South of France was the stage for the elections that determine the composition of the Board.

The MYBA Board is elected by the entire professional Membership, serves a two year term and plays a crucial role in safeguarding the superyacht industry’s interests. Each Board Member heads one of the MYBA Committees & Panels and gives generously of their time and effort, for the good of all.

The new board comprises:

  • Gaye Joyeau-Bourgeois (President)
  • John Wyborn (Vice-President)            Competency, Education & Training
  • Adelheid Chirco                                 Charter Committee
  • Laurent Roussillon                             IT Panel
  • Raphael Sauleau                               Communications Committee
  • Richard Lambert                                Sales Committee
  • Stefanos Makrymichalos                     East Med Liaison Committee
  • Sussie Kidd                                       Membership Committee
  • Toby Maclaurin                                  Tax & Law Liaison
  • Carole Calviera                                  Treasurer
  • Cora Tracey                                       Executive Officer / General Secretary

Peter Edwards, a candidate in the Board elections this year, has agreed to act as Chair of the Yacht Management Committee and Nicolas Fry has agreed to continue as acting Chair of the MYBA Social Club.

The newly elected Board is, once again, a promising combination of experience, expertise and unwavering commitment to the Association’s objectives.

Each Board Member also brings something unique to the table and it is this joining of forces that promises an exciting and productive future.

MYBA is a trade association founded in 1984 by a group of prominent yacht brokers with the aim of promoting standards of professionalism and ethics in the yachting industry worldwide.

In 2014, MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association celebrated 30+ years of commitment to the Superyacht industry’s interests. Three decades of determination and an unwavering desire for improvement reflect the immortal words of Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit!”

The Association’s objectives are:

  • To establish and maintain a high standard of professional ethics, professional rules and skills in charter, sales, and yacht management.
  • To establish, print and distribute recommended contractual documents specific to the profession and to encourage its
    Members to promote them among professionals.
  • To encourage inter-professional exchanges and contacts on all matters of common interest, including lobbying.
  • To provide a framework with a view to the resolution of commercial conflicts between Members or between Members and
    their contracted parties with a view to suggesting solutions with professional common practice and with current regulations
    through mediation.