New Explorer Academy Inspires Young Minds at Sea

Explorer Academy

Science and innovation comes out of the classroom for family holidaymakers cruising with Celebrity Cruises who have re-launched their Camp at Sea on-board programme.

It provides children and teenagers with opportunities to uncover the world around them through a series of specially tailored activities. These include making weather stations and understanding how they work, as well as testing out each other’s creations. Plus children will develop the skills to become an explorer by creating flags, developing a new nation and getting to grips with survival skills.

Children who join their families on cruise holidays will be able to embrace what it means to be an explorer and an adventurer. The Camp at Sea programme and the new Anturus Explorer Academy will encouraging adventurers, scientists and explorers to indulge their inner science geek.

The Anturus Explorer Academy is the ultimate mix of education and entertainment with fantastic science experiences, live demonstrations and fun challenges. No two days at sea are ever the same.

Based on bringing to life STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths – the new activities will engage and excite young minds. Designed to nurture the next generation of inventors and innovators, the Anturus Explorer Academy is delivered in exclusive partnership with Wales-based adventure business Anturus, who provide content to schools throughout the UK to ignite the imaginations of young people.

The programme will inspire younger passengers onboard to find out more about the world around them, and to embrace their curiosity. In setting off to explore the world from their cruise Celebrity Cruises hope to inspire a lifetime of learning and inventing.

Highlights of the new Anturus Explorer Academy include:

  • Creating a wind-powered car and learning about alternative fuels, whilst designing and trialling the vehicle of the future
  • Searching the ship for materials to build your own mini-ship that must be able to carry some cargo, including even learning about navigation for ships using the stars
  • Planning and building a shelter, and testing it out like a true Explorer in a special camp-out evening on the real grass lawn on the top deck
  • Designing and building a mini-aeroplane before testing its performance in a wind tunnel
  • Creating a compass to navigate like an Explorer and finding out more about the Earth’s magnetic field
  • The Explorer Olympics to enhanced and test the skills needed to be an explorer
  • Learning about weather and collecting data to apply this information to expedition plans, including by building your own weather station and anemometer
  • An Explorer Game Show for the entire family highlighting the fun and adventure in exploration and science
  • All children taking part in the Anturus Explorer Academy activities during their cruise graduate at the end of their sailing as an Explorer and receive a certificate and badge to highlight their credentials.

No two cruises will offer the same series of Camp at Sea programming, and the on-board youth teams can deliver fun learning across a diverse range of topics to suit that individual itinerary and the interests of the children on-board.

The newly relaunched Camp at Sea continues to feature Celebrity Cruises favourites such as a Scratch DJ tournament to learn how to mix music, and iTake where children and teenagers on-board shoot their own movies using a Go Pro camera and screen a film to their family and friends on-board.

In addition to STEM subjects delivered via the Anturus Explorer Academy, the Camp at Sea activities also include dedicated fun learning sessions around the themes of culinary, recreation and art.