Superyachts Specify Reid’s Blue Mountain Coffee

Robert Reid the MD of Reid’s Speciality Trading Company tells me Chefs and Chief Stews aboard superyachts are catching on to a new trend in coffee drinking by buying Caribbean grown coffee and serving it on board during Caribbean charters.

Reid’s Speciality Trading Company distributes two premium brands of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans specifically to the superyacht market. – ‘Coffee Roasters’ and ‘Ridgeline’

International chefs, coffee connoisseurs, and certified baristas all know that the champagne of all coffees is grown over 2000 ft. above the Caribbean Sea, on the steep volcanic hills of the misty Blue Mountain ridge in Jamaica.

This coffee is known as the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, and it is both rare and expensive. Its berries take ten months to reach full maturity and they are harvested once per year. So special is JBM that its trade name is now protected by global certification.

When properly roasted, grinded, and brewed, JBM beans deliver an exquisite chocolate flavoured taste that is devoid of any sharp edges. 100% premium Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee should never ever be consumed with sugar or milk.

To get their supplies, Chefs and Chief Stewards should contact either Reid’s Speciality Trading Company ltd or the provisioning company Lobster Runner in Antigua, which is also famed among Chefs as a supplier of fresh lobster and other premium foods to superyachts

Reid’s Specialty Trading Company Ltd is a registered Jamaican enterprise, owned and operated by Robert Antonio Reid, an experienced International specialist in Agribusiness and Food Value Chain management.

Reid's Coffee

Reid’s is based in Kingston, Jamaica, and is a member of the Jamaica Exporter’s Association (JEA), the Jamaican Manufacturer Association (JMA) and also a registered exporter with Jamaica Promotions Corporation Ltd (JAMPRO).

Reid’s Speciality Trading Company only engages Caribbean food processors that are capable of guaranteeing us delivery of fresh, certified safe, and premium quality food products in the quantities and at the time required by superyachts, ultimately surpassing their expectation at the point of consumption.

The preferred mode of delivery is airfreight, and for the Caribbean winter season, Robert Reid advises Yacht Provision companies and Head Chefs to place their product orders by mid-October, for delivery starting in mid-November.