Trump blunder puts Namibia on the map


With African heads of state boycotting President Trump at Davos because of his rudeness one hotel chain is gobsmacked by how many people have viewed its cheeky video clip on ‘shithole’ Namibia.

In just ten days it has reached more than 670 million people all over the world – a prime example for the power of the internet and social media! And one of the most successful destination marketing campaigns for Namibia since independence in 1990.

After US President Donald Trump’s derogative remark on Haiti and African countries the Namibian tourism company Gondwana Collection roped in local producer and artist EES to make a video clip on the most beautiful ‘shithole’ country in Africa.

Stunning pictures of animals and scenery show Namibia at its best. A Trump voice imitator is used for the narration.

The Norwegian company Meltwater, which monitors and analyses Gondwana’s online presence, congratulated with the words: “Amazing to see that the video picked up 1140 global editorial articles”!

They were seen by 662 million people in 45 countries and in nine different languages. This in addition to 13 million users of social media.

“Let’s hope that our video makes the global public see the beautiful sides of Africa”, says Manni Goldbeck, the Brand and Marketing Director of the Gondwana Collection.

“Namibia is politically stable. Its cultural diversity, unique fauna and flora and breath-taking landscapes, together with one of the most progressive environmental legislations in the world, make Namibia a top travel destination.” 

The Gondwana Collection Namibia combines its hospitality business with nature conservation and social commitment in a sustainable manner. The company today includes four private nature parks and 18 quality accommodation offerings across Namibia’s key tourist attractions. Each provides exceptional value. Nature conservation is financed with the proceeds from the eco-friendly hospitality business, which in turn creates jobs and career opportunities.

Watch the video here