Superyacht UK Technical Seminar 2018

Superyacht UK Technical Seminar Agenda 2018

Superyacht UK will host its annual Technical Seminar at the London Boat Show on 11th January 2018 and has released the agenda for the event

Simon Scofield of BAR Technologies is this years Key Note Speaker and he will be looking at the height of technological innovation and how this could be used in the Superyacht industry.

This event is now a well-established event in the Superyacht calendar and attracts delegates from around the world. 2017 saw over 120 delegates in attendance. 

2018 will see a range of speakers discussing current legislative topics that are affecting the Superyacht industry such as the new REG code, Helicopter regulations, Operational challenges and Current legal challenges.

10.30 – Intro Peter Brown SYUK chairman

10.40 – MCA – Sir Alan Massey

The head of the Maritime Coastguard Agency will update the delegates on the current restructure of the organisation and other news from the UK’s Maritime Authority.

11.00 – ICOMIA -Udo Kleinitz

From the top of the regulation pile, what are the new IMO rules coming into play – Engine Tier III emission levels, Ballast water convention, the Polar code, Biofouling, and much more……..

11.15 – REG Superyacht Code Update – Jo Assael (CISR)

The REG have been working on a new commercial superyacht code. This is updating the two current codes (LY3 and PYC) and combining them into one code. Jo Assael from CISR will talk through the major updates and changes.

11.30 – Break

12.00 – Helicopter Regulations – Johnathan Turner (MAST) and Matt Weetch (Safeguard Helideck Certification) – Why it’s important for the marine industry to use the most up to date aviation regulations – The large yacht sector has long used helipads to varying degrees, whether it’s just for dropping off and picking up passengers or full refuelling and storage capabilities. However, has the large yacht sector always used the full up to date aviation rules? Do touch and go helipads exist, how are the large yacht rules changing to better reflect those that the aviation industry use and what are the latest updates in the aviation industry.    

12.30 – Operational Challenges – Burgess

Burgess give an insight on the current and foreseeable operational challenges facing large yachts. Looking at crew safety and how the regulations are changing the way vessels operate.

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 1500 Major Challenges/Owner driven changes to the design:        

Hybrid and efficient ship power management – Stefan Mueller (MTU) and Ken Wittamore (Triskel Marine)

An insight as to why owners want hybrid systems (noise/vibration reduction, lower fuel costs, tier III compliant). What are the different types of hybrid propulsion and their benefits and draw backs. How easy is it to retrofit a hybrid system into an existing yacht? Hybrid vessels need intelligent and efficient power management systems in place so what other aspects of the systems such as batteries are being developed, what are the advantages and potential pitfalls of this technology.

Glass – Rupert Wilkins (Trend Marine)

Over the last few years the use of glass in superyachts has been changing. Owners now want light airy spaces which can only be provided by floor to ceiling glass. What are th issues and constraints facing the glass manufacturers, what new technologies are being used to construct the glass and what are the issues with getting approval on glass panels.

With new technology comes new problems, chemically toughed glass is now a common component but are there any NDT methods to check the glass after the vessel has been in service.

Autonomy – Tara Glen (E P Barrus and The Marine Autonomous systems (surface) working group)

Although it’s unlikely that Superyachts will ever need or want to be fully autonomous they could well use a degree of autonomy. We have a look at the different degrees of autonomy available to yachts and the possible uses.  

15.00 – 1530 Break

15.30 – Current Legal challenges in the SYUK sector (Hill Dickinson)

French crew social security regs, possible extension to private yachts / EU yachts, Med charter rules – VAT etc, GDPR, Disclosure of UBO ownership of companies, Use of AIS on yachts (or “can I switch if off?”)

16.00 Key Note Speaker Simon Scofield of BAR Technologies.

Followed by a networking event that will provide a valuable opportunity to establish contacts and to mingle among fellow attendees.