Oil Nut Bay in BVI Reopens


Accessible only by boat or helicopter, Oil Nut Bay on Virgin Gorda in the BVI is a secluded residential and resort community offering villa rentals and home ownership opportunities.

Like much of the territory the community took a battering at the hands of Hurricane Irma when it swept through the Caribbean last summer.

Now it will be one of the first resorts in the British Virgin Islands to reopen following clean up and repairs.

The property will reopen its Beach Club, restaurant, resort amenities, and marina on December 16. The resort is already open to its home owners and will begin renting villas and suites to guests March 1, 2018.

While the property did not come out unscathed, the foundation and structural integrity of the resort’s infrastructure and buildings was intact following the direct hit of the hurricane with its 200 plus mile-per-hour winds.

The resilience of the resort is says David V. Johnson, founder of Victor BVI, the developer of Oil Nut Bay the developer “Is due in large part to Oil Nut Bay’s founding vision, which is rooted in the carefully balanced combination of science and art. The science is structural engineering and the art is spectacular design and physical beauty. Each Oil Nut Bay residence is carefully sculpted and constructed in harmony with the diverse topography of Virgin Gorda, with nature’s forces in mind.”

Oil Nut Bay welcomed staff members, along with more than 200 contract workers, back on property just days after the storm subsided to support the immediate clean up and restoration of the property.

“We are grateful for our amazing team and many outside partners. As a result of their herculean efforts, clean-up is complete and forward progress continues at a rapid paces Oil Nut Bay,” said David V. Johnson, founder of Victor BVI, the developer of Oil Nut Bay. “Following Irma, our immediate goals have been to make sure our team members have a job to come to every day, to support the relief efforts of Virgin Gorda and to build the public’s confidence in the future of the British Virgin Islands. Oil Nut Bay and the BVI will come back, better than before.” Oil Nut Bay was also reassured by the support and presence of the UK government in the early aftermath of the hurricane.

In addition to ongoing clean-up, supplies and long-term planning with the government and community, Oil Nut Bay has adopted the Robinson O’Neal Elementary School in the North Sound and will be spearheading the rebuilding of the school, which was heavily damaged during Irma.