Aco Marine Introduces Treatment Plant for LY3 Yachts

Biological waster treatment systems are fast becoming the industry standard for yachts 50 metres and over and they recognised as a viable and practical alternative to physical/chemical and dilution technologies.

Recognising this, ACO Marine a member of the Germany headquartered ACO Group has unveiled a new Clarimar MF wastewater management system for yachts operating with no more than 12 passengers.

It offers a simple, more cost-effective solution for yachts where compliance with Section 4.2 of the revised IMO MEPC 227 (64) rules relating to nitrogen and phosphorous removal is not required.

Using the same patented technology applied to their larger models used in the commercial, offshore and military sectors, the new Clarimar MF (LY3) is an enhanced biological wastewater management system designed specifically to meet the requirements of yachts built to comply with the Large Commercial Yacht (LY3) Code.

Many technologies currently in use on this size of yacht typically depend on dilution and chemical sterilisation to achieve effluent standards. The introduction of the biological-type means all segments of the global yacht sector have access to a more effective and reliable wastewater treatment process.

Designed and built in Europe from high quality AISI 316 stainless steel and compatible with all vacuum and gravity-based sanitation systems, the Clarimar MF (LY3) is a high capacity black and grey water treatment system capable of treating all wastewater streams from a small, space-saving footprint.

Its modular design offers simple installation and requires minimal operator intervention and maintenance.

ACO Marine has already been contracted to supply a unit for installation to an 80m yacht under construction by a Northern European builder. A further two units will be delivered in the New Year for other European yacht projects.

The company will be showcasing a Clarimar MF-6SS unit, the type of which is due to be installed on a second 80m yacht.

They will do so at booth 11.215 in the Super Yacht Pavilion of the METSTRADE show, taking place at the Amsterdam Rai between the 14th and 16th November 2017.