Ever wondered what it was that caused crew to jump a superyacht mid season or conversely why some crew shun promotion prospects in order to stay in a good yacht?

A new Web site may have the answer.

YachtRanking.com is a new Web site especially built to gather data from crew members around the world about yachts that they’ve worked on.

Its goal is to give yacht crew a reliable, unbiased source of information.

The site was started by two crewmembers working on large yachts and followed on from an idea they had one evening while on watch undertaking a ocean Passage

The site seeks to embolden crew members everywhere by making sure they are informed about the yachts they are looking at working on, ultimately improving transparency and accountability in the superyacht industry.

Yacht crew currently serving I the industry are being asked to help improve the site by reviewing the yachts they have worked on.

The procedure takes about 8 minutes to complete and by doing so, will be helping future crew members make informed career decisions as well as raising the standards overall.

The success and the value of the website will depend on gathering data and the anonymous owners of the site urge; “Please, help us spread the word.”