Superyacht Cyber Security Service Launched

With increased connectivity for superyachts comes increased security risks.

Over the past 12 months the yachting world has been increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, ensuring that the highest levels of protection are fundamental to the security of corporate data, bank accounts and personal details while at sea or in port.

In a bid to combat this the superyacht communications provider, e3 Systems has partnered with G3, a specialist cyber security practice with in-depth expertise of advising shipyards, management companies, captains and yacht owners.

Together they hope to offer a range of security solutions for both existing and new customers.

The IMO has recently approved draft guidelines to include Cyber Security risk management within the ISPS and ISM Codes – both of which apply to all commercial yachts over 500gt.

The need for compliance, combined with a commitment to protecting privacy has created an urgent requirement for security expertise.

In future all e3 networks will be configured for maximum security at installation while existing networks will be offered security enhancements by G3 a firm led by former members of British intelligence and experienced cyber security professionals.

The new partnership will also offer a combined IT and Security Monitoring Service which allows 24/7 network monitoring to enable threats to be detected and managed in real time. Essential face-to-face or online cyber security training for crew will also be available.

Networks need to be secured as soon as they are installed, as this not only significantly lowers risk for the client but also makes economic sense. And because crew behaviour plays such an important part in the security of the yacht, it is also the ideal time to provide comprehensive cyber security training.