MYBA History to Be Published

For more than three decades, MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association has played an important role in establishing and upholding the highest standards in the superyacht industry.

Its long 30 + year history of determination and commitment, together with its diverse and complex nature, have always been excellent material for a book but, until today, such a publication has never existed.

Now the very first MYBA Book is being printed and will be presented to the industry during the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show.

By producing it, the Association aims to generate greater awareness about the values and many activities of MYBA.

It will be distributed to as many owners, clients, captains and non-MYBA brokers as possible, in an attempt to provide valuable information about many of the important issues that concern the superyacht industry.

The MYBA Book is an excellent introduction to the impressive set of tools that have been created and developed by MYBA Members, the inner workings and structure of the Association, the yacht shows that the Association is actively involved in, and the social causes that it supports.

It honours the past while providing a valuable glimpse into the future, pinpointing the challenges ahead and revealing some of the steps that MYBA is already taking in order to face them.