FunAir Mediterranean opens service centre for yacht toys

FunAir have a reputation for building corporate partnerships as they expand.

The American based Yacht Toys manufacturers has announced that they are expanding their partnership with Versilia Supply Services who have been their European distributor since 2014.

Versilia Supply Services will shortly open a service centre providing cleaning, drying and maintenance servicing for all FunAir products.

The Global Yacht Supply company will offer to pick up toys and will make sure they are clean, dry and ready to inflate the fun before dropping them back to the yacht.

Perfect for busy crew, and yachts that don’t deploy their toys for longer periods during yard time, or when the owners are away and want to make sure they are packed and stored correctly.

Andrea Raffagnagi, marketing director at Versilia Supply Service commented, “We are very pleased to be an official service centre for FunAir. They manufacture the best quality products on the market and they deserve to be serviced professionally. During a busy charter season Yacht Slides, Climbing Walls and other inflatables can be deployed and used multiple times every day.”

He added, “It is important to make sure they are cleaned, dried and stored correctly and that all the important safety features are checked over and kept in top condition. Plus if there is any accidental damage to the products we can take care of that and have the toys back to the yacht in just a few days.”

The FunAir Service Centre will be based out of Versilia’s head Office in Viareggio. Servicing will be available for superyachts throughout the Mediterranean and there are plans to open additional service centres in some of the other 10 global Versilia offices.