Most Expensive Marina in Europe.

With mooring fees of 3,025 euros per day, Ibiza Magna in Spain is currently the most expensive marina in Europe.

Engel & Völkers Yachting have analysed data based on basic prices collated by the company for mooring fees for a 55-metre yacht during the respective high season 2017 in each location to produce the top Ten most Expensive Marias in Europe.

While frontrunner Ibiza is in Spain the next top three are all in Italy.

Second place in the league of Europe’s most exclusive marinas is the Marina Grande on Capri. The daily rate for a yacht berth here is 2,670 euros.

The Marina di Porto Cervo on Sardinia comes in third place at 2,514 euros. At the Marina di Portofino, the basic daily fee for mooring a 55-metre yacht is 2,288 euros.

This puts the marina near Genoa in fourth place. “Factors such as the location of the marina, high demand and limited capacity all influence the extent of the mooring fee,” said Anissa Mediouni, CEO of Engel & Völkers Yachting.

The Marina di Portofino, for example, has just 16 berths. “We are currently seeing increased interest on the market for yachts over 50 metres. The number of available moorings for vessels of this size is limited however,” Anissa Mediouni reported.

The Puerto José Banús in Marbella comes in fifth place at a daily rate of 2,068 euros. The marina has a total of 915 berths and is the second Spanish marina in the top 10.

Port de Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera takes slot number 6. A berth for a 55-metre yacht costs 2,054 euros a day. “There are usually costs in addition to the basic fee, for various services such as the provision of electricity and water, or refuelling,” said Anissa Mediouni, adding: “The scope and amount of these additional costs vary from marina to marina.”

Marinas on Cyprus, in Croatia, in Monaco and in Turkey offer yacht berths for under 2,000 euros per day.

The Limassol Marina, for instance, charges a daily rate of 1,533 euros. This places the marina in southern Cyprus in seventh place in the ranking.

In eighth place comes the ACI Marina Split on Croatia’s Adriatic Coast at 1,320 euros. The ACI Marina Split and the Marina di Porto Cervo on Sardinia both witnessed the largest price rises compared to 2016. The daily mooring fees for a 55-metre yacht during the high season rose in both of these locations by around seven percent.

Port Hercule in Monte Carlo is one of the most well known marinas in the Mediterranean region. With mooring fees of 1,074 euros, the only deepwater marina on the Côte d’Azur comes in ninth place.

The Netsel Marmaris Marina in Turkey completes the ten most exclusive marinas in Europe. The daily rate for a yacht berth here is 1,045 euros.

When it comes to choosing a marina, Engel & Völkers Yachting report different preferences between client groups.

Charter clients often prefer moorings in Marmaris, Monte Carlo, Saint-Tropez, Marbella and on Ibiza.

Whereas yacht owners tend to focus more on the Italian marinas on Capri, in Porto Cervo or Portofino.

Anissa Mediouni advises, “Anyone looking to book a yacht berth in one of Europe’s finest marinas in high season should do this three to five months in advance due to the high demand.”