MasterCraft Boats UK introduces Multipurpose Superyacht Tender.

Space may well be the final frontier for those serving with Starfleet but for those serving on board a superyacht it is often the lack of it that presets the problem.

Space to carry a tender that is all things to all tasks is often at a premium and what has been needed for some time is a fully versatile tender that can carry out a multitude e of tasks using just one hull.

After studying its customers’ usage habits and collaborating with leading technology partners, MasterCraft has simplified and enhanced the on-board experience by introducing a new tender with a raft of new technology features. These tune the boat’s operations to the three main usage modes that have been identified as the most used on board a superyacht namely, drive, tow and chill.

MasterCraft Boats UK has introduced the new MasterCraft XT22 crossover sportsboat. The brand new model, the first in MasterCraft’s 2018 line-up, will be available as a bespoke superyacht tender. It introduces a raft of new technology and features that will enhance users experiences on the water.

This first ever changeable operating software for towboats has been enabled using a new proprietary dual-screen dash that streamlines boat operation and improves helm styling and ergonomics.

The new touch and non-touch displays simplify boat control and the screens are customised for each of the three most used modes. The system’s software also offers pre-loaded tutorial videos and maps of all global waterways. The software integrates with users’ mobile phones and rear-facing cameras and enables real-time integration with on-board GoPro Cameras.

The boat builder chose to develop this technology so that it would improve the on-the-water experience. At 6.8 metres the tender can carry up to 16 passengers so can double up as a limousine tender if required.’

The XT22 also debuts new customisable Klipsch Audio marine speakers and amplification solution to create what has been described as ‘a concert-style entertainment experience’.

Single or multi point lifting, spreader bars and keel line lifts are among solutions offered to ensure that the best loading and discharge option is found in line with a superyacht’s crane positions and storage location on board.


  • Length: 22’4″ / 6.8 M
  • Width Amidship: 102″ / 2.59 M
  • Interior Width: 86″ / 2.18 M
  • Dry Weight: 4,900 LBS / 2,222.6 KG
  • Ballast Weight: 2,700 LBS / 1224.7 KG
  • Fuel Capacity: 65 G / 246 L
  • Seating: 16 people
  • Storage: 106 cubic feet / 3 cubic meters
  • Hull: Vector Drive
  • Colour Options: Infinite
  • Completely customisable from bow-to-stern.