Hydrogen Powered Vessel to Sail Around the World

A voyage with a planned duration of 6 years in which 101 ports of call in 50 different countries are visited is in it’s self a remarkable endeavour.

To make such a voyage in a vessel that does not need to refuel is totally futuristic.

Yet Energy Observer: the first ever self-sufficient energy vessel has started such a voyage.

Powered by hydrogen and other renewable energies the former racing catamaran has now left Paris with her French crew on this epic adventure. Devoid of greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions

The 30.5-metre vessel is fitted with 120 square metres of solar panels and two vertical axis wind turbines. Both are able to power the yachts twin electric motors and at the same time power the electrolyses unit, which produces hydrogen from sea water.

During daylight hours, Energy Observer will rely on solar and wind energy, switching to hydrogen power for night time navigation. In areas of steady wids the yacht hopes to deploy a kite in much the same way, as has been used by the yacht Race for Water.

Hydrogen (H) is the most abundant chemical element in the universe, and it is hoped that this voyage will demonstrate its immense potential as an energy source capable of recovering renewable energies for yachts in the future.

The yachts Captain, Victorien Erussarda, has said, “Our vision of the future consists in drawing our energy from nature, without damaging it, and without wasting it. This is the vision we wish to share throughout the planet with our innovative project.”

Naval explorer and Energy Observer’s expedition leader, Jérome Delafosse has explained that over 50 naval architects, designers and engineers were employed in the five million euro refit to convert the boat form sailing yacht into a hydrogen powered vessel in Saint Malo France.

Work was completed in June and before setting off around the world the yacht undertook a umber of shake down cruise off the coast of France visiting several of that countries ports o the north coast.