Flat is Flat

Flat panel antenna are changing the face of yachting and will undoubtedly consign the unsightly domes to the scrapheap and improve the lines on just about every superyacht in the future

Weighing about 21.3 kilograms it means flat panels offer far less top weight and will give a yacht improved stability making these panels particularly attractive for the superyacht market.

Kymeta offers viable electronically scanning satellite flat antennas and has appointed e3 Systems to become their exclusive global Distribution Partner for the yacht market, representing the metamaterials-based electronically steered flat panel satellite antennas and connectivity services.

e3 Systems will make the solutions available through select Value Added Resellers and other strategic partners.

The solutions e3 Systems will represent include the mTennau7 Antenna Subsystem Module (ASM) and KyWay™ terminal that were announced for commercial availability during the SATELLITE 2017 conference in Washington D.C. in March.

Sea trials on superyachts started in early May 2017 and will continue on both sail and motor yachts in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Mediterranean over the next 3 months.

e3 Systems is in the process of appointing Value Added Resellers as specialist partners to sell, install and support Kymeta connectivity solutions.

e3 will also be appointing shipyards and other organisations to become specialist locations with the facilities for the installation of Kymeta flat panel mTenna technology and KyWay terminals combined with KĀLO high-throughput access services.