Buying Bling Aboard Superyachts

The Greece based yacht brokerage firm SSH Maritime has teamed up with Samer Halimeh the Beirut-born founder of the eponymous New York jewellery brand to open a series of pop up boutiques on board each of four charter yachts.

The superyachts; Serenity, Chakra, Grand Ocean and O’Mega will each have shops offering a selection of jewellery for sale.

The new jewellery retailing concept creates what SSH call a “Bond Street at Sea” for the super-rich.

Samer Halimeh has previously built pop-up shops in hotels, but this is the first time the retailer has introduced a retailing concept in a nautical setting creating a diamond showcase on superyachts.

Superyacht charter clients will be approached and asked if they would like a diamond showcase on their yacht. If the client decides they would like a diamonds showcase on their yacht then a VIP brochure containing photographs and details of the Samer Halimeh NY diamond jewellery and diamond portfolio will be sent to them in advance of their voyage on their chosen superyacht.

It what appears to be a try before you buy idea charter guests can wear the bling while on board and even when the go ashore can buy. At the end of the charter if they like them enough, guests can buy the jewellery and if the bill comes to more than US$1 Million guests can qualify to prolong the experince by getting extra nights on board the yacht for free.

Maybe they need them to get over the shock of paying the bill for the bling!

Security is said to be provided by the Captain and his crew and one wonders if they get extra salary for such extra duties or perhaps they just get commission for every sale they make!