Perini Navi Sells Substantial Shareholding

The Italian based Faper Group, the holding company of Perini Navi founded by Fabio Perini have sold a substantial part of their Italian yacht buildering company to the Tabacchi family led by Dino Tabacchi and represented in this operation by his son Edoardo Tabacchi.

Tabacchi’s Fenix Group paid €27 million for a 49.9% share of the company

Perini Navi has undertaken over the last two years seen internal restricting but little in the way of new business but has for more than 30 years, has been recognised globally for leading innovation and design of large sailing superyachts.

Beginning in the 1980s, with the first large sailing yachts with automated sail control systems, through to the 1990s introducing large flybridges offering comfort and space, akin to motor yachts of that era the company dominated the large motor sailer market

The launch of the Turkish built The Maltese Falcon (88m), with her three masts, futuristic rig and 2,400M2 sail controlled with one simple command, brought the company to worldwide attention in 2006 but since the launch of 70m Sybaris in 2015 the company has not announced any new signings.

In recent years, under its Picchiotti brand, the company began building motor yachts including yachts Exuma, 50m; Galileo G, 55m and Grace E, 73m, a range of modern, low consumption, explorer yachts designed by Philippe Briand.

The company recently announced the signing of two new Picchiotti contracts.

Lamberto Tacoli formerly CEO of the Chinese owned CRN Group has been appointed as Chairman & CEO of Perini Navi with Fabio Perini remaining as Honourary President, and current CEO, Fabio Boschi stepping down to become Vice President. Edoardo Tabacchi has also joined the board as Vice President.