Glider Yachts to Debut First Craft

It’s been eight years in the making but finally the first Glider will be unveiled in London this June.

The brainchild of Rob McCall, the Glider SS18 is a radically different form of water transport that uses expertise from Formula One and the aerospace industry, to create a craft that skis across the water offering ultimate comfort whilst at anchor, cruising or at speed without the motion associated with traditional sports boats, even in the choppiest of seas.

A proprietary Stability Control System (SCS) and four 300BHP supercharged engines, deliver incredible stability and power delivers unprecedented cruising opportunities for owners; bringing previously out of range destinations within an easy reach. A trip from Monaco to Saint Tropez or Miami to the Bahamas will take just 45 minutes.

The shallow draft allows access to out of reach bays, anchoring close to the shore and even beach landings.

The company will unveil its much anticipated first ever yacht at the London on Water boat show from 8th to 11th June at St Katharine’s Dock in central London.

As the builder’s European sales partner, Inwards Marine will manage the client engagement and sales at the show.

It is intended to be the first in a series of luxury superyachts, ranging from 18 to 80 metres, each to be hand-built in Southampton.

The launch will be, the builders say, “closely followed by the faster Sports Xtra ( SX18) powered by turbines, reaching speeds up to 100 knots.”

A range of luxury sports limousines and the GT and SX-E range of superyachts up to 80 metres is also planned.

Inwards Marine will also be responsible for the sales of all of Glider Yachts up to 35 metres, including the limousine range and the GT & SX-E 35 range.


  • Length overall:                                 18m (60ft)
  • Maximum beam:                               5.3m (17ft)
  • Draft @ 1/3 laden:                            0.32m (1ft)
  • Construction material:                       Aluminium & Composites
  • Homologation category:                     RCD Category B (CE)
  • Fuel tank capacity:                            560 litres
  • Engines:                                           4 x Yamaha @300bhp
  • Total horsepower:                              1200bhp
  • Speed:                                              50 knots (923 kph)
  • Long range tank range:                      340nm (optional)
  • Range @ 50 knots                              130nm
  • Safety equipment for 6                       Max passenger (8)