Couach Launches 44 Metre Superyacht

Soon to celebrate 120 years of yacht building in France Chantier Naval Couach – which owns Couach Yachts has launched the 4400 FAST FLY the latest in its superyacht line.

The Arcachon-based yacht builder which began building yachts in 1897 has released a number of images showing the completion of this fast planing, composite yacht. 

The 4400 FLY FAST owes a great deal to the 49.5m La Pellegrina delivered by the builder in 2012), and 49.3m Belongers they delivered 2014.

As with the previous two, this new yacht has been fully customised for the yachts owner who has a longstanding relationship with the Couach Yachts.

There has as a result particular attention made to the interior details and craftsmanship with the yacht’s interior featureing a combination of exceptional materials including bronze, oak, treated leathers, engraved glass, engraved marble, Dacryl with copper inlay, and metallic resin.

Many decorative elements were created specifically for the yacht, hand in hand with the client and the captain.