2016 has been another great year for Numarine.

They have seen the completion of the first two units of their all new 105HT for a European and Asian Client.

They have delivered four units of our celebrated new 62FLY with three more ordered, for a total of 7 units in not even one year of life of the model.

They have engineered and delivered the 1st unit of the Hardtop version of the 62 Series, our 62HT, which arrives in Australia as the 1st new Numarine yacht in that country.

They presented and sold the first unit of the new Explorer, the 32XP, to a repeat Numarine Client, and are about to close on the contract for hull no.2.

With only a side-view and a specification to show, they sold the first 2 units of the new entry-level Explorer, the 24XP, further proof of the strength of the Numarine brand and the trust that clients bestow upon it.

And last but not least, they delivered unit no.15 of the successful 78FLY.

Distribution wise, they brought on board new Partners in North America, France, Turkey and Croatia and also a new After-Sales Customer Care Partner for the GCC. On the Marketing and PR side, they generated over €2million of Editorial value in web, print and TV media, with over €1million in free press coverage.

This will continue to increase the equity of the Numarine brand along with the impact of the boat shows, promotional activities, and advertising. In 2017, they are expecting another great year for Numarine, with the delivery of the first 32XP and its World Premiere at the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show, and the delivery of the first 24XP at end of the 2017.