Survey finds 40% of UK boat owners fear for their craft’s safety when moored


How safe is your boat when you are not around? Do you worry about its safety when you are not aboard?

You are it seems not alone. one of the biggest concerns of boat owners is that their boat and belongings are at risk of theft or criminal damage.

A recent survey of over 200 UK boat owners has revealed that 40% of them worry about the safety of their craft, especially when moored.

Of the 40% of respondents who worry about their craft, 57% are most concerned about theft; either of the boat itself, equipment on board or their own personal belongings. 40%, meanwhile, are worried about vandalism or criminal damage whilst moored and 11% of boat owners cite the prospect of damage caused by bad weather as a major concern.

When it comes to personal safety, 12% of those surveyed say that they are concerned about their own wellbeing and safety when on board their boat. Of these, 41% worry about their boat sinking or capsizing whilst out on the water, whilst 26% are concerned that their boat will be boarded by strangers.

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Summary of survey findings:

  • 40% state that they worry about their boat when it is moored.

Of these respondents:

  • 57% are concerned about theft or the boat, motor(s) or personal belongings
  • 40% are worried about vandalism or criminal damage
  • 12% fear their boat will be cast adrift or sink when they leave it moored
  • 11% fear boat damage from bad weather when moored
  • 9% fear damage will be caused to the boat by other water craft when moored
  • 12% of those surveyed admit they are worried for their own safety at times when on their boat.
  • 41% of these boat owners worry about sinking or capsizing when out on the water
  • 26% worry about strangers boarding the boat