Hurricanes Can Still Form in November


If you think Hurricanes never happen in November then please think again!

Here we are just days away from December and Captain Adrian McCourt, hurricane watcher extraordinaire, is reporting that Tropical storm OTTO is now 100 miles north of Panama with maximum wind speeds of 65 gusting 75 knots.

McCourt issues daily hurricane up dates on behalf of the Munich Re Syndicate Ltd, Syndicate at Lloyd’s

He says; “The smart money is on this becoming a hurricane in the next 12 – 24 hours as it sits waiting to advance west towards Nicaragua. This has a current hurricane severity index rating of 6 out of a possible 50 points (2 size, 4 intensity) and a predicted maximum of 13 (4 size, 9 intensity) and a fairly small tropical storm force windfield of 70 miles.

He belives that in the next day or two, OTTO will start heading west strengthening to a category two hurricane at landfall in southern Nicaragua just north of the Costa Rica border on Thursday afternoon.