Bermuda Too Little Too Late


Is Bermuda doing too little too late to attract superyacht interest in next years Americas Cup.

There has been talk for years on new marinas being built to accommodate superyachts but nothing ever seems to happen.  London based PR companies are constantly trying to generate specialist press interest in Bermuda but claim to have no budget to get journalists out to see what is going on.

So is anything really happening?

At the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show we learned that one luxury development at Morgan’s Point is scheduled to open in March ahead of the America’s Cup, will bring an influx of yachts to the western side of the island.

Caroline Bay Marina principal and director Craig Christensen and Ralph Richardson, the marina’s new chief executive officer, told, Bermuda is shaping up to become “The next big charter and berthing destination for superyacht owners”.

Hew added, “It’s been years since there’s been a major marina development in Bermuda and this is the largest that’s ever taken place. This will be the first time there will be a multi-facility for superyachts. We’ll be able to take about 30 to 40 superyachts at our site and we’re really excited.”

Mr Christensen said: “We are actually putting it on the map. We’re really helping to reposition Bermuda working with the tourism authority with the view of becoming a real high-end destination, and that’s what we’re becoming now.”

Island residents are less sure and think that to little is being done too late.  They point to failures in creating a superyacht facility at St Georges and suggest that the facilities at the Royal Dockyard simply are not to superyacht standard.