Seal Superyachts Expands Support Network


The Seal Superyachts support network is expanding stretching from Seychelles in the western Indian Ocean, through Southeast Asia and northern Australia, it now spans the Pacific Ocean to the Galapagos Islands to cover more than half the globe with 16 offices in 4 continents

Their newest office – located in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is seen as strategically important in the company’s objective of providing agency support services throughout the south Pacific. the addition of the new office helps bridge the gap between their existing network right through to the Panama canal.

The news follows on from announcements the company made earlier this year about their new offices located in New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, and French Polynesia, as well as the opening of their first Australian office in Queensland last month.

Regarding today’s announcement, Company Managing Director Adam Frost said “Locally Antonio Moreano and his team now give superyacht Captains a clear and smart choice when looking for an agency to support them on a stop-over in the incredible but remote Galapagos Islands.”

The Galapagos Islands chain, an Oceanic province of Ecuador, lies some 1,000 kilometres of South America’s Pacific coast just south of the equator.

We visited the Galapagos for Invictus Magazine and Superyacht World Magazine and our reports can be found on this website

It is considered by many to be among the world’s foremost locations for wildlife viewing – made famous by Charles Darwin’s 1835 visit aboard HMS Beagle, with his observations shaping our knowledge of natural history and science through to the current day.

Antonio Moreano said “We have a lot to offer the world’s superyacht fleet, and believe that our excellent service and local knowledge will be a key asset in convincing adventurous clients to come and see our famed natural wonders.”

Boasting destination highlights including Isabela Island, Santa Cruz Island, San Cristóbal Island and Santiago Island – the Galapagos archipelago offers some totally unusual cruising experiences for those Superyachts seeking adventure, natural wonders, and of course what is arguably the most unique & amazing wildlife on the planet.