Sea Crowd the Marine Industry Only Crowd Funding Programme Goes Live


Sea Crowd the first ever European crowd funding platform specifically set up to fund projects related solely to maritime affairs is now on line and open for business.

Created by the collaboration of three Italian entrepreneurs, Sea Crowd is exclusively dedicated to the sea: It seeks to back ideas and projects about boating, marine engineering, shipbuilding, yacht brokerage, technology, innovation, water sport, marine tourism, fishing and marine environment protection.

The platform co operates with institutions that include 7 Universities, advisors and venture capitals companies together with professionals working in the field of boating, marine engineering and the Blue Economy (economy connected to the sea).

Augusto Vecchi the President of Sea Crowd is hard at work with co-founders; Massimo Terenziani the CEO and Aldo Manna the COO to promote the new venture

They will be supported by a technical board, that includes Professor Giuseppe Casalino (Robotics and Systems Engineering at the University of Genoa) and Lavinio Gualdesi an engineer who led the Ocean Engineering Branch of NATO Centre for Undersea Research for 26 years until 2008.

Sea Crowd was first muted during the 5th edition of the International Fair in late May 2016 at the Arsenal in La Spezia, where Navies of 27 countries and 115 companies exhibited new marine technologies. Once presented to the public it quickly attracted the interest of professionals who can now the system is on line engage with the public.