Paying Back to the Community

Concert in the school ashore in Uqsuqtuuq (Gjoa Haven)

As part of our onboard amusement, Ocean Endeavour is carrying some accredited and famous Inuit musicians who have entertained us well. As we approached Gjoahaven a hamlet of just 1400 people it was decided that instead of giving the ship board guests a concert we the ship should give a concert ashore for the local community. Word of our impending arrival and the planned concert quickly spread among the people in the settlement and suddenly, the small capacity community centre hall had to be dropped as a venue and replaced with the far more capacious school gymnasium so great was the interest.

At 10 o’clock the hall was buzzing just about everyone in town had turned up and one by one our star turns took to the stage and were much appreciated by the local folk.

A great hit with the younger members of the audience was 23 year old; Kelly Fraser

a singer/songwriter and land claim’s advocate. She holds singing/songwriting workshops in Nunavut communities, and is well known throughout the North for her Inuktitut rendition of “Diamonds” by Rihanna.

Frances and Michael Howorth explored the North West Passages onboard Ocean Endeavour with the help of Destination Canada and Adventure Canada We are truly grateful to them both for the opportunity they provided with us to do our job.