What we do and do not know about the takeover of Blohm + Voss by Lürssen


Everyone is remaining quite and probably will do so on the subject of the Lürssen takeover of Blohm and Voss take over until the Bundeskartellamt (German Fair Trade Commission) makes a decision.

What we do know is that the contract between the family owned and Bremen based Lürssen shipyard, and the funds of British private equity investor, Star Capital Partners who own Blohm and Voss has been signed.

Peter Luerssen has said, “After the trade commission’s approval, our primary efforts will be guided towards talking with the employees of Blohm+Voss. We will discuss the necessary steps to efficiently adopt the individual capabilities of the shipyard into our group and secure the balance between our shipyards in the future and together, navigate through the difficult market situation we find ourselves in today.’

It is known that Lürssen had been trying to buy the shipyard before its acquisition by Star Capital

What we do not know is if Lürssen will retain the Blohm+Voss name, but the firm has told the German news outlet Spiegel that this has not yet been decided.

The takeover fulfills a longstanding strategic goal for Lürssen and would bring the group’s total size to 2,800 employees at six locations.