The Polar Dip

Zodiacs on standby for arctic dip by guests aboard Ocean Endeavour

No one ever claimed that you have to be clever to cruise the Arctic and the Polar Dip proves there can be those who are just plain stupid. Either that or they are very very brave. About 20 passengers and Adventure Canada staff gathered together one evening on board Ocean Endeavour to prove their prowess by jumping into the frigid waters. Her orange lifeboats coated in an icy frosting with the snow laying thick on the ships metal decks the ritual took on a somewhat surreal air when the plungers assembled down at the shell side door on number 4 deck. Out went the steps and one by one the plungers dropped into the icy polar waters.

Some even reprised their efforts jumping not once but twice

Arctic dip in the snow by guests aboard Ocean Endeavour

Once out they were rewarded with a nip from a bottle of something strong and fiery and were given a badge and a certificate to prove their madness.

Sadly the need to photograph the event and record in words what was going on from the upper decks prevented us from taking part.

Believe that and you will believe anything!

Frances and Michael Howorth explored the North West Passages onboard Ocean Endeavour with the help of Destination Canada and Adventure Canada We are truly grateful to them both for the opportunity they provided with us to do our job.

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