The Journey

Zodiac going ashore in Karrat Fjord

The Northwest Passage represents the pinnacle of Arctic exploration. Ice on this permitting, we’ll explore the quaint villages, dramatic fjords and calving glaciers of Greenland,

We expect ice, ice, and more ice! Sailing amidst towering icebergs, we’ll witness calving glaciers, explore deep fiords and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ilulissat Ice fjord. We will be tracing the routes of famous explorers such as Rasmussen and Peary as we work our way north to spectacular Kap York and into the Smith Sound.

Local boat among Icebergs carved from Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Iluissat

Then we cross Baffin Bay making our first stop in Canada at its most northerly community, Aujuittuq (Grise Fiord). On Devon Island, our plan is to visit the ruins of the Dundas Harbour RCMP and HBC posts

At Beechey Island, the Franklin expedition gravestones stand watch and there we will pay our respects to those 129 men lost from Franklins two ships that were lost in his quest for the North West Passage in 1845. Melville, Banks and Devon Islands offer opportunities for sightings of whales, Peary caribou, polar bear, walrus and musk ox.

To sail the Northwest Passage is to sail through living history, to sail the haunting landscapes that have enchanted explorers for centuries. In the fierce and untameable wilds lies a stark beauty—the wild, remote reaches of the north have a power that is all their own.

Join us and our fearless band of adventurers, who have also been lured by the Northwest Passage’s spirit and have signed up for a voyage of a lifetime aboard Ocean Endeavour.

Our Adventure in Canada begins here.

Frances and Michael Howorth explored the North West Passages onboard Ocean Endeavour with the help of Destination Canada and Adventure Canada We are truly grateful to them both for the opportunity they provided with us to do our job.

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