MYBA Acts Swiftly Against Unfair French Legislation


myba_association_logoProving its worth as a trade association representing professional brokers in yachting worldwide the MYBA has pulled off a coup d’etat dismissing a new piece of French legislation known as the ‘Décret Etat d’Accueil’.

The new French dictate required yachts undertaking charters in French territorial waters to submit a declaration of cabotage that included details of crew employment and social security arrangements on board. Fearing that the proposed procedures would have been detrimental to commercial yachts chartering in French waters MYBA leapt into action.

They contacted the Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCI), other industry associations ECPY, GEPY, PYA and IYM. Consulting with their French legal counsel, Ince & Co., an initial meeting was arranged with the pertinent French maritime authorities.

Efforts finally paid off with the French authorities agreeing to remove a large portion of the yachting sector from its Décret Etat d’Accueil legislation.

With immediate effect, commercial yachts that comply with the new “70% rule” (and can produce a statement to this effect) will not be required to submit a Cabotage Declaration.

In expressing its gratitude to all involved with achieving a positive outcome, MYBA singled out Franck Dosne, Director of the Ports of Cannes & Nice expressing to him their thanks for his tireless efforts.