First of two Christensen 50 Metre Yachts Launched

Hull 36 Silver Lining Launch

Christensen Shipyards in the USA have launched the 50 metre superyacht Silver Lining.

She the first of two Christensen yachts to be launched that will be on display at the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The launch was accomplished using a unique cradle-and-launcher system designed to give the shipyard a safer and more flexible way of getting its yachts into the Columbia River.

The shipyard had manufactured a 63 ton capacity steel cradle to which two large fibre-reinforced plastic flotation boxes were attached.

The boxes provided additional lift in the low-water conditions and kept the yacht stable throughout the launch process.

Once the yacht and cradle are floating, the air in the launchers were replaced by water, as in a dry dock, and the yacht was able to safely float free on her own.

Silver Lining is a 50 metre high-volume ABS yacht completed for a previous Christensen owner.

Her sister, Chasseur, a 50 metre ABS and MCA-compliant yacht will be launched using the same system later this week, a testament to the resiliency of the 120-employee-strong shipyard and the efficiency of the new system.

Like her sister ship, Chasseur will also be handed over in July, likewise to a repeat owner.

Two additional 50 metre yachts are under construction at the shipyard and available for delivery in 24 months or less.