Boating To Get Its Very Own Radio Station

Mike McDowall

Just about every sport and most other recreational pastimes have now got their own TV and Radio stations and while it is true that there are TV channels devoted to the nautical way of life today no one today has launched a radio station devoted to boating.

That is about to change Boat Radio a slick, professional is about to become a real contender in the world of boating broadcasting.

On July 1st this year the new station takes to the air waves.  It will be the first talk station aimed at boat owners, world cruisers, sailing enthusiasts, professional superyacht crews and armchair adventurers everywhere.

Boat Radio feature interviews with prominent characters from the world of sailing, exploration and endurance sports.  It promises to produce programmes covering compelling tales and inspiring stories from often ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things, plus you can expect plenty of practical advice and an indelible streak of marine conservation.

Presenters are a mixture of radio professionals, sailing journalists, scientific researchers, ocean ecologists and live-aboard bloggers.  Every week there will be programmes from Florida, Missouri, Washington, The Bahamas, Canada, the Arctic Circle, the United Kingdom, Italy, Croatia, Australia, Mallorca and from boats all over the world’s oceans.

The stations managing editor is Mike McDowall.  He has been making radio and television programmes for more than twenty years, working at CNN, APTV, ITN and the BBC.  For the past several years, he has produced The World Tonight for Radio 4 in the UK and Business Matters for BBC World Service.

Boat Radio can be heard worldwide wherever there’s Wi-Fi or a cellular phone signal.

To listen it is best to download the app at the Google Play Store or via iTunes.

Right now there is a test transmission running on a one-hour loop to listen visit

Scheduled programmes begin on July 1st at 1200 GMT