Turkey’s Turquoise Yachts Completes Two Major Investments


Following its acquisition the Turkish yacht builder Turquoise Yachts has expanded its building facilities to accommodate more superyachts

The company has two shipyards, one in Kocaeli the other in Pendik, both conveniently located in the outskirts of Istanbul

Using these combined capabilities the builder is capable of simultaneously constructing up to ten superyachts up to 80 metres in length.

Following a year of construction, the main shed at the Kocaeli shipyard has doubled in size.

Measuring 165m in length X 40m in width X 29m in height, the new expanded facility can now simultaneously accommodate three superyachts with an average LOA of up to 80m each.

A new commissioned floating dock. It is capable of lifting and transporting yachts of up to 2500 tons between the two yards.

Constructed with a central ballast tank the dock has a removable soft patch to allow lifting keels or centre boards of large sailboats deployed freely while they are dry docked.

Floating Dock Specifications

  • Length overall: 66m
  • Beam (maximum): 27m
  • Draught: 4m
  • Inside free width: 21 m
  • Inside free height: 8.9 m
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2,500 metric tons
  • Total electrical power: 700KW
  • Ballast tanks: 15
  • Ballast pumps: 5