Villa For Sale

Pool hotel view

Trisara’s 40 acres and 2,000 metres of private coastline houses 39 hotel pool villas and rooms.

In addition to these, 30 magnificent privately owned residences, are located around both the northern and southern headlands of the peninsular on which the resort sits.

Villa 21 the 2 bedroom residence that we enjoyed over a three day period is currently available for sale and immediate occupation. It represents great value and from our point of view was a truly delightful spot in which to relax in between bouts of getting our work completed.

These private residences have all been developed and designed by Trisara, together with many of the owners who reside all over the world.

All have a dedicated staff and each consist of between 2 and 6 bedrooms, with large swimming pools and various living and dining pavilions.

Some residences are available for rent and are perfect for families, groups of friends, and for private special events. While staying there, guests enjoy the resort’s services and facilities.

Residential villa owners can enjoy their villa at any time, and in their absence the hotel staff and dedicated residence management team take care of the property maintenance, staff and should owners so wish handle the renting out process.