Salty Bags Come With a Full Sails History

saltySalty Bag makes hand-crafted travel goods by upcycling decommissioned yacht sails into elegantly designed, reusable fashion accessories.

Each sail they receive is assessed to decide what to part to cut and what piece to put where, so that each Salty Bag has as much personal care and character put into it as is possible.

The company collects discarded, retired and decommissioned sails and gives them new life and new value by turning them into unique, elegant and long lasting items.

Every sail that comes into the workshop has a story and the company takes care, and time to uncover and share with the end user its unique life on the seas.

Some sails have raced in major championships and moved their crews to great life-moments.

Some sails carry tears, loss and bitter lessons learnt.

Others have offered those who sailed them a well needed respite from a hard year during their holidays, or have cruised to little known coves under starry skies.

Some sails come out of storms shredded and weather-beaten.

These are the stories that inspire them to make a unique product for you.

The world doesn’t need another bag, but with Salty Bag you get much more than that.

No two Salty Bags are alike. There are differences in texture, colour, stitching and aging depending how hard and how often each sail was used.

Some Salty Bags come with creases or marks on them. They are not defects. They are the words that write each Salty Bag’s unique story.