One Handed Digital Timer



Whether you need it to keep track of the start of a race during a regatta or as a pinger to remind you to note the yachts position down on the chart the new water resistant TimeStick from Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd will be a useful addition to the bridge or cockpit of any superyacht

You can easily set the unit to use with just one hand, using the splash-proof push-button keypad.

The integrated clock is programmable in either a 12 or 24 hour format but the instructions do not tell you how to change from one to another so you have to work that out for yourself or do as I did and call the company’s technical team where Matt was very helpful.

After that I found operating the timer couldn’t be easier; in fact I was so confident after finally setting up the 24 hour clock and using it a few times, I threw away the instructions!

The tiny and lightweight (50grams) device features an easy to read 7 mm LCD screen which incorporates a count-down bar graph giving you a quick indicator of any remaining time. When the countdown audible alarm sounds, the count-up timer activates showing how much time has elapsed after your alarm first started.


A handy lanyard is supplied so it can be worn around your neck but at 16 x 31 x 108 mm it is small enough to slip into a pocket.

The timer can also be mounted onto a magnetic surface using the in-built magnet, but be sure to keep it well away from the magnetic compass

Available in five bright colours, green, blue, red, white and yellow, I found it particularly useful to have several so that I could use the red for the 10 minute gun and the green for the race start. It is equally ideal for a range of other sports and training applications as well as outdoor pursuits.

Competitively priced, at £12 each exclusive of VAT and carriage, the TimeStick is available from