High Speed Crew Tender ‘with balls’

Tideman Boats RBB 800 2WJ 11 Bo Fotografie ©2016

The Dutch boat builder Tideman Boats, has been building sustainable and fast moving workboats out of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)

Now company CEO Bruno Tideman says he has built a new high-speed professional crew tender that has got balls.

The Dutch workboats are not only high in performance, but also in specifications.

They are extremely impact resistant, lightweight and have a low carbon footprint. 100% recyclable they are sustainable, UV resistant and easy to repair. They are not susceptible to corrosion or fouling and are inert to salt, chemicals and fuel and even arctic and tropic proof.

The combination of material and benefits of being a Rigid Buoyancy Boat (RBB) means there is no vulnerable air tubes and there is 50% more deck space.

2016-03-08 09.42.31

The closed buoyancy compartments are filled with Poly Ethylene balls and these make it an unsinkable and solid vessel for professional use.

The RBB 800 2WJ Crew Tender comes with a Bureau Vertitas approval on the hull construction and is powered by twin Yanmar 4LHA-HTP diesel engines each of 160 hp driving 2 Alamarin 245 water jets, to reach a cruising speed of 30 knots.

The 4,5 tons displacement boat with its 100 nautical mile range comes in several different formats

It is available in 6, 7 or 8 metre hull lengths, and can accommodate different propulsion options like outboards or inboard diesel engines with water jet or stern drive.

A closed wheelhouse or open deck plan are possible choices to. The modular system makes the vessel fit for purpose for professional users.

Pictures show the new 8,5 metre Crew Tender standardly equipped with Ullman compact suspension seats for 2 crew members and 6 passengers. The 6 passengers seats can be removed to create a 4m2 cargo area with lasing eyes.

The boat comes with 4 lifting lugs, T-top with bimini and A-frame. The PU foam fenders are detachable. The aluminium console and engine room hatch can be powder coated in any colour.

The vessel can be moved on a trailer and stored inside a 40’ HC in combination with a workshop in the same container.