Borneo Coasts Now Safe for Yachts!

BORNEO Aerial shot of Manukan Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine ParkCaptains of superyacht cruising Asia the areas of North Borneo & East Coast Borneo and Southern Philippines can now be struck off the dangerous no go area list

The areas are no longer listed as dangerous water perils and special permission by insurance underwriters to operate a vessel in this area is no longer required.

These areas are now deemed as safe, based on the new JWC insurance underwriter’s committee issuance of the updated JWLA 022

JWC Insurance is the body regulating insurance underwriting ruling for vessels operating round the world.

The updated bulletin changes all of that and is well timed as cruising seasons starts soon, notes Alvin The General Manager at Asia Pacific Superyachts in Borneo. He adds: “North & East Coast Sabah Borneo coastline is now deleted from Joint War Committee (JWC) of high risk perils area zoning in late December 2015 by the JWC committee review.”BORNEO Orang-utan at Rehab Sepilok

Now it’s time to visit ‘paradise’ in a safe and peaceful ESSCOM Sabah security zone cruising heaven within the world coral triangle zone.


As well as no longer needing to seek special approval from insurance underwriters to enter, operate and stopover at any port listed in these areas yachts need no longer must pay additional and costly premiums for this purpose.

This news is also a strong statement in recognising these areas are considered safe and peaceful to visit and no longer pose a danger or are a high risk area, as in the past.

“Prior to the positive changes from the underwriter’s committee of insurance underwriters, as many as 80% of my potential clients thanked me for my honesty, but turned away from Borneo due to restrictions by the insurance underwriters, says Alvin. He adds, “Now I can safely welcome them to the area.”

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Aerial shot of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park