The JetBlade Experience at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Michael and the X-Jetblades at Four Seasons Langkawi

There are water sports… and then there are Jetblades.

They maybe the most innovative product in the hydro flight industry and Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is the first place in Malaysia to offer it but I not sure I acquitted myself quite as well as I should have done when they gave me the opportunity to try!

Imagine the sensation of flying high above the sparkling Andaman Sea, standing on foot jets propelled by nothing but water and adrenalin. It’s the stuff that thrill-seeker’s dreams are made of, and it pushes the limits of water sports – and independent flight simulation – to truly thrilling new heights.

My session began with a brief orientation before heading into the Andaman Sea under the guidance of the Resort’s expert water sports team.

Michael and the X-Jetblades at Four Seasons Langkawi

Use your balance and independent foot action to get out of the water – then let your imagination fly free! They told me!

Most first timers achieve jet-flight between 2 and 5 metres above sea level. More experienced participants can advance to heights of 15 metres alongside all sorts of airborne acrobatics including spins, swivels and 360s.

As for me?

Michael and the X-Jetblades at Four Seasons Langkawi

Well I did get to experience flight but history does not record how long I was airborne or how far I flew. Just as well really


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