Phang Nga Bay


Our voyage in Ocean Emerald over the last two days or so is best summed up as movies movies movies!

We started with the year 2000 hit from Danny Boyle who was the director who upset the Thai authorities with his filming of The Beach and in Phang Nga Bay we entered the domain of James Bond 007.

The unmistakably identifiable limestone rocks that made the movie The Man With The Golden Gun so memorable are in reality even more stunning than they appear on screen.

Eroded by the sea these towering limestone stacks stand proudly in the water their bases undercut by waves makes them truly magnificent to sail past.

Throughout the bay tourist boats laden with kayaks shuttle from one stack to another affording those with a waterproof camera the most stunning of views.

We preferred to stand on the deck of a superyacht sailing sedately through the area towards what everyone now calls James Bond Island.

In real life the island is called Ko Khao Phing Kan and the pinnacle containing Scaramanga’s secret weapon is Ko Tapu.

Both are awash with gangs of day trippers and getting ashore from a superyacht is not only difficult but rather pointless.

Our advice is come late, drop anchor and spent the night peacefully so as to enjoy an early morning trip ashore before the hoards arrive

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