Ko Tarutao Marine National Park

Long tail local boats on Ko Rawi with Ocean Emerald at anchor

Our first port of call sailing in Ocean Emerald was at Ko Lipe in Ko Tarutao Marine National Park

This the second largest marine national park in Thailand and was created in 1974.

Named after the largest island in the group, it comprises 51 islands and is world famous for its pristine diving sites, rich marine life, and outstanding beauty.

This 575 square mile area is home to an incredible variety of flora and Fauna that include olive ridley and hawksbill turtles, 25 per cent of the world’s tropical fish species, and over 100 different varieties of birds.

Located 2 miles south of Ko Adang, the small island of Ko Lipe is sometimes called Ko Sipe by locals has become the most developed and popular destination within the Ko Tarutao Marine National Park.

Its coral reefs, powdery white beaches, and a mountainous, thickly forested interior is a magnet for visitors who flock to the island by the boatload who arrive in longtail boats, manned by choo foe (local boat boys) who ply their trade from offshore islands nearby.

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