Ko Phi Phi

Tripper boats off Ko Phi Phi Leh

One wonders if this island has not also become a victim of movie fame. It is truly beautiful and sailing in Ocean Emerald makes it all the more so, but to arrive on board the day boats packed to the gunwales with people must be somewhat less pleasant.

Come early anchor off the beach made famous by Leonardo di Caprio and scarper before the day boats arrive.

There are six islands in the Ko Phi Phi chain. The smallest and the one that attracts all the attention because of its beach at Ao Maya, is Ko Phi Phi Leh.

In ancient times this island was home to fishermen and pirates and on the island’s northern coats is a cave in which paintings on the walls depict ancient ships which some have suggested looking like boats used by Vikings.

Needless to say the cave has now gained the name Viking Cave.

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