Canados Shipyard Acquired by Entrepreneur


The French entrepreneur Michel Karsenti is no stranger to the world of superyachts and has used his skills and business acumen over the years to promote much that is good in the industry.

The man behind Lux Media he was the original owner of the Industry’s favourite Yachting Lifestyle magazine Invictus and other significantly important title around the world.

His yacht consultancy Yacht Ology is the success behind the recent spate of sales at Tankoa.

Now he has acquired the Italian based shipyard Canados

The yard was founded in 1946 and has since then successfully delivered over 700 yachts in sizes up to 36 metres.

Karsenti himself is responsible for more than 12 of those sales and it was he who introduced the brand, Oceanic Yachts to the yard in 2014. His involvement with the yard has been a long-term on going relationship, he has always been fascinated by the know-how, craftsmanship, knowledge and passion found among those who work there.

He told us “I’m fascinated, year after year, visit after visit every time I visit Canados. I still have the same magical feeling of how strong maritime traditions are embedded in workers DNA. I cannot say if this is linked to the 70 years the shipyard has been in business, or due to the fact Canados is located in the world’s richest region in terms of architecture, style and history Rome is known for, but I can surely say that the same feeling is shared by all the clients visiting us. I’ve truly seen incredible technical achievements performed by this unique team of craftsmen!”

Located in Ostia, a suburb of Rome, just 7 km from Fiumicino International Airport Leonardo Da Vinci, the Canados shipyard was founded after World War II on an ex-Italian Navy hydroplane base.

The Italian Navy, Coastguards and Italian Harbour Masters were the first to commission vessels there and the yard quickly achieved a revered reputation, resulting in them attracting orders from Germany, Holland, Turkey, Hong Kong, France, Greece and a significant number of emerging monarchies in the Middle East.