Sixt Rent a Car in St Lucia


Arrive in St Lucia by boat and it will not belong before you need a set of wheels to get around this beautiful country.

Sailors need not venture further than the Rodney Bay marina itself to get what they need, because Sixt Rent a Car have a fully operational base within the complex.

Their knowledgeable and friendly staff were very quickly able to not only provide us with a car but upon learning of our intended island touring itinerary even went as far as to suggest the type of vehicle they felt most suitable for the terrain.

Rates are reasonable and Captains renting a car for crew use over an extended period will get even better rates than those offered short term.

Manageress Lorrie Giddings told us “Not only do we sponsor the ARC but we especially look after those who have sailed all the way across the ocean just to drive around our island by car.”

Contact Lorrie on +1 758 452 9404