New Zealand Superyacht Group Presses Go Button


As a yacht building country and superyacht destination, New Zealand is in dire need of good publicity but seems to be running around like a headless chicken as it seeks to get it.

Good news then that the New Zealand Superyacht Group (NZSG) a new orgainisation set out to promote the industry has held its first AGM at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in Auckland.

Now things may happen and the industry in New Zealand will get the intention that it deserves.

With New Zealand and the Pacific now attracting high numbers of superyachts, the New Zealand Superyacht Group started as a collaborative effort to bring together a much needed focus on the very specific needs of the local superyacht industry.

Gull New Zealand sponsored the first event and the company’s commercial manager Ulrik Olsen said, “We are pleased with the openness of the new group. Our motivation for joining the group is to be working closer with a raft of people from across industries and telling more people about our unique ability to bunker vessels fast and efficiently with the convenience factor of truck delivery alongside. We look forward to more of the local superyacht/marine industry getting involved’’

With the group and its members noting limited official data regarding the arrival and departure of superyachts in New Zealand, it has worked with New Zealand Customs to update the craft type list to include ‘superyacht sail’ and ‘superyacht motor’. This latest development means departure and arrival data will be made available to all parties, ensuring the group can provide a real-time proactive service to the industry.

The New Zealand Superyacht Group board members are:

  • Ulrik Olsen – Gull NZ
  • Ned Wood – Manson Anchors
  • David Chalmers – IMED
  • Duthie Lidgard – Uniform Shelf
  • Janice Lynch – Asia Pacific Superyachts
  • Gregg Kelly – Fastmount
  • Frank Moor – Holton Marine
  • Kerry Greene – Maritime Events