Leaving a Good Yacht is Hard To Do


We have had the good fortune to sail in many high end superyachts and boutique cruise liners and on each and every occasion the last day on board is the hardest.

Yes there are bills and accounts to settle, passports to collect and packing to do but it is the saying goodbye to the crew that is the hardest.

Good crew as we have said on numerous occasions is what differentiates one good yacht from the next even better one.

Here the crew of SeaDream 1 the flagship of the SeaDream Yacht Club fleet have won our hearts over.

Greeted by name and a pleasing smile every time they greet you it is easy to get the impression that as guests on board we are the only important ones among the other 78 on board.

Where they not to tell us exactly the same story, we might be embarrassed.

As it is we are just sad to leave.

Goodbye crew and thank you for looking after us so well.