Boat International Books For Sale


Anyone who claims to be interested in superyachts must from time to time lust after the prospect of owning a complete set of Boat International Publications.

We own the complete set (save for the very latest volumes) and very useful they are too. Collecting them as we have over the years we have on occasions had to buy multiple duplicate copies to make our own set complete and as a result now have some spare copies to hand that we would like to sell.

Yes they are going to be put up for sale on e Bay but our loyalty to our dedicated readers means that we would like to offer them here first.

Here is a list of those books we would like to sell:

  • Refit                            Vol 1                           2000   (three copies)
  • Refit                            Vol 2                           2001
  • Refit                            Vol 3                           2002
  • Refit                            Vol 4                           2003
  • Refit                            Vol 5                           2004
  • Refit                            Vol 8                           2007    (two copies)
  • Refit                            Vol 9                           2008
  • Superyachts                 Vol 20                         2007    (three copies)
  • Superyachts                 Vol 21                         2008    (two copies)
  • Megayachts                  Vol 1                           2000
  • Megayachts                  Vol 3                           2002
  • Megayachts                  Vol 5                           2004
  • Megayachts                  Vol 8                           2007
  • Megayachts                  Vol 9                           2008

Each copy is in pristine condition and is as boxed by the publisher. Many if not all of these books have cover prices in excess of £100 so grab your self a bargain and make us an offer.

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